The Flint Files

This series of mystery thrillers follows Danny Flint, the new Deputy Commander of the New Orleans Police Department’s High Profile Case Squad. If it’s a high-profile homicide, robbery, fraud or any other kind of case, it belongs to the HPC.

Books in this series include:



Taunting - Click to buyVolume 1, mystery thriller
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Somebody is killing the elderly members of New Orleans’ venerable Martyrs’ Episcopal Church. Are bigots targeting the church for holding gay weddings? Are activists targeting the church because its priest wants to preach instead of politicize, and minister instead of marching? Or, perhaps it’s because the church’s congregation has shrunk while the value of its land has skyrocketed.

Or maybe something else is going on here. Follow Danny Flint and the HPC as they follow clues to the killer and bring him in – only to have him die while the bodies keep piling up. Something else is definitely going on here, but what?



Harassing - Coming Soon!Volume 2, mystery thriller
Coming soon

Danny Flint and the HPC are faced with an inexplicable series of smash-and-grab jewelry store robberies. They all share the same M.O. but the perps are all different.

The robberies spread across the state, and then something changes. Somebody dies. Suddenly the jewelry store robberies cease and now it’s pawn shops. Same M.O. as the jewelry stores, just different perps every time. Then one of the perps dies. With an identity should come motive, but none can be found. He’s a successful businessman with nothing to gain from robbery, but everything to lose – including his life.

When another businessman comes forward with a tale of intrigue, blackmail and shame, it provides an explanation but puts the squad no closer to finding the people behind the crime spree. When an audacious crime is pulled off flawlessly, the well-to-do criminal is killed during the getaway by his own accomplices. Can the squad find the masterminds before anybody else has to die?