Author Bio

Inkpot and quillsAuthor Mark Treble is a retired Fortune 500 company executive and former intelligence officer.

His first career was as an opera singer in Europe. Much of his life has been spent globe-trotting as a strategic management consultant.

Mark speaks multiple languages and has embarrassed himself utterly in every one of them. He asked his landlady in Berlin if he could throw his pants into her outhouse. In France one lunch order included a sexually aroused dog. When first learning Pohnpeian, he got beer for breakfast. In Brazil, thinking he was asking where to catch a bus, he actually asked a very proper old lady where he could find a (crude word for) vagina. He once told a Cabinet Minister in Spain that her entire department was a laughingstock. And, in Arabic, he asked a military officer how large his farm was. Except that word didn’t mean “farm,” it was a crude term for penis.

Mark writes series of books in multiple genres. Already-written and in the editing process are a comedy, a romance, two dramas and a mystery-thriller.

‘‘Explain it? I can't explain television.’

- The Finding Series